Insights questions on the use of Steel Design

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Good afternoon, using ideCAD V10, can the calculations and drawings of the projects made in ideCAD8.64 be made entirely with the 2007 earthquake code if requested?
Hello; You can use the 2007 option in the analysis settings to perform the desired operation. Or, version 8 is unlocked with the lock of version 10. You can continue your transactions with version 8. Good work.
Hello there. I am having trouble in the purlin and cross sections of the project I have uploaded in the attachment. When I change the cross sections of purlins or diagonals, I get the error "The system cannot be resolved". When I checked it from the 3D view, I saw that the purlin-truss connections or cross-spring connections disappeared. In short, they are in the air. When you change the direction selection in the diagonals and restore it, the links come back, but after the analysis, they disappear again. I would be glad if you could help with the matter. Thanks.
Hello there; This situation is on record. For now, you just have to select all the crosses, enter their properties and click OK and exit. Combinations will appear again. This way you can analyze. Good work.
Hello, I want to produce a box profile for example 200x200x6 mm with a honeycomb-shaped cavity, we define the section from scratch for honeycomb beam definition in the sap2000 program, can we design a hollow box profile in the form of a honeycomb from the box profile, apart from the existing honeycomb beams in the IdeCAD program?
Hello there; If you want to define sections outside the library, you can use the types in the Add new section option by right-clicking on the Structure Tree - Sections tab. However, the types you can enter as honeycomb in the program are H type profiles. There is no shortcut for the box profile. With 2D commands on the plan, you can test the cross section by turning it into a closed polygon. For this, you can select all the lines belonging to the closed area you created with the line command and use the right-click convert - polygon section option. However, we do not design the elements entered in this way, for your information. Good work.
Hello, When you start typing the command in the search line, when you press a previously assigned key, it executes the relevant command and the search cannot be made. Is it possible to add the "Curcular Beam" command in Reinforced Concrete to Steel as well? Can the desired edges of the reinforcement plates be welded? (see appendix) Polar duplication menu does not open.. (V17) good work, regards..
Hello there; There is a sub-tab for the curved beam in the steel beam menu. If you want it to work in reinforced concrete logic while entering the plan, the logic of the two elements is different from each other, but your request will be evaluated. The reason why there is no welding on the other side of the reinforcement plates is that two different joints do not automatically detect each other. This subject is listed as R&D work. It is a long-term job, for your information, due to the necessity of working for all combinations. For now, we will ask you to intervene through the drawings. Polar replication is available in v17. If you reach the technical support team via e-mail or phone on Monday, it can be investigated whether there is a problem in your project or the installation on the computer you use. Good work.
Hello, in the steel roof project made with the truss system on the reinforced concrete structure, the trusses on the beam do not provide strength control.
Hello there; Since the reinforced concrete beam and steel truss subheadings overlap, the knot points will be problematic in the analysis. Either increase the upper elevation of the reinforced concrete columns or decrease the elevations of the reinforced concrete beams, for the correct analysis result. In short, you need to prevent the contact of the truss with the reinforced concrete beam. Truss beam systems only work on axial load, in your model there will probably be additional moments in the subheading, so no element entry is allowed in the truss except the nodal point. Good work.
Thank you for your answer Nurgulkaya, I tried increasing the column height and preventing the contact between the sub-header and the beam, but it still did not work, even the pr/pn ratio did not change.
Hello there; There is also a problem of slenderness in your sub-headings, connect the sub-headings to each other with stability beams from the point corresponding to the ridge area. Other than that, that's all I can comment on without seeing the project. Good work.
Hello there; If you examine all your scissors, you can see that there is a delicate problem in the sub-title. You need to enter the stability beam. Model in a way that connects the subheadings to each other from the ridge region. The video at
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will help.
How can we make a reverse vault on truss beams. From the settings, only a dome-shaped vault is formed towards the top. The design I'm talking about is as follows
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Hello there; In the steel beam curvature tab, you must enter a '+' or '-' value according to the direction you want to enter. It would be appropriate to enter '-' as you would like to do.
Have a nice day. I'm trying to learn steel design. A project to be done by looking at this appendix, what are your suggestions, can anyone help? I would appreciate it if you could help with a mezzanine floor at 3.5m.
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Hello there; Please; Check how these projects are produced from the sample projects and training videos in the forum. All modeling needs to be edited. 1- You inserted a beam into the opening where the truss passes, just below the trusses. A small slab has been defined somehow, but it is faulty. 2- The directions of the columns are opposite, the critical direction of the span structure that will carry the truss, the strengths of the side columns should work in this direction. IPEs are not suitable as column sections. When passing through such a serious opening. You need to use HEB. 3- You selected a frame that transmits moments in both directions, but you modeled with a single slip plate connection. They were deleted and replaced with a moment-transfer joint. You can review the projects in the
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link as an example.
I can't add a lover to the part seen in the picture. Can you check. where does the error come from