Sample steel projects

Example Steel Project 1: Industrial Structure Example Steel Project 2: 10-Story Building Example Steel Project 3: Canopy Structure...

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Mode combination method (response spectrum analysis)

In this example, independent hand calculation results of the internal force values obtained as a result of the earthquake calculation with the mode shapes, periods and mode combination method of a two-storey system...

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Model Industrial Buildings with Ready-Made Macros Quickly

Create Building Information Model of industrial buildings with smart hall macro quickly . ideCAD automatically prepares architectural sheets, static calculations, steel drawings, steel fabrication details and...

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Model joins at lod 400 level

Model LOD 400 Level of Development Joins in the Built Building Information Model. Design the combination with the most suitable geometry for the capacity of the connected elements with the smart quick drawing mode...

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How to Calculate Multi-Story Steel Structure

Building Story Information : The building consists of 4 regular floors. The story heights are 3 m on all stories except the ground floor while the ground floor is 4 m. The total height of the building above ground...

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