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İdeSTATİK 6 1) I installed the new program and entered my first project. However, after I finished my project, I realized that the program that requested concrete material while entering the reinforced concrete element did not request materials for reinforcement. I wanted to add material in the left design window. But I saw: There is no preliminary material about steel. Now there was hesitation about where to find the values for steel and where to write them. I would appreciate if a friend could give the values for BÇI and BÇIII in the unit and order on the screen. Now, what do you think about the accuracy of the project I made without entering these values? 2) I wanted to get a report on a B+Z+4 NK project, a total of 1908 pages were prepared. Sounds like a lot to me. To you?
Re: İdeSTATİK 6 Dear Canlar İnş. 1- While defining the material for the material to be used in the project, bending and stirrup yielding reinforcement stress can also be defined. 2- It can be determined which reports will be taken from the optional reports.
Re: İdeSTATİK 6 If you have included the finite element results in the optional reports, it may be inflating the report too much.
Re: In version 6.0053, basement curtain... Let's assume that the basement curtain height is 100 cm and the floor height is that much higher. The process is as follows, step by step, in full order: 1.) Ground floor height is 380. 2.)Panel is clicked. -280 is written to the upper elevation value in the settings. 3.) Click OK and in the toolbar, divide by "intersection" is inactive so that the panel is not divided by other elements. Then the panel is entered between the columns. 4.) The entered (considered as subbasement) panels are selected. Enter the properties and select the subbasement option. Also the shell option is checked. With this option, we make the curtains we define independent of the R coefficient, alphas calculation and B1 irregularity effective shear area. Since we increased the floor height on the ground floor and defined curtains, it is normal for B2 irregularity to occur. The displacement on the lower floor decreases compared to the upper floor. Nki values will be large when we divide the displacements of the floor by the heights and proportion the bottom floor to the top floor. It is always applied to the 5% eccentric in the program anyway. Otherwise, you can accept that solid as a rigid basement. 5.) Comparison of building periods with stem:
Re: İdeSTATİK 6 Let us know your address via private message and we will send it to you immediately. :D
Re: İdeSTATİK 6 Using unlicensed programs is a crime and this forum is the official forum site of ideYAPI. musa_01. In short, you are asking the wrong question in the wrong place. To learn about our programs, I recommend you to download and work on our 6 version demo, which can record in demo format and has no object, time or floor limitations. You can also benefit from the audio training videos with links on the forum and on our website.
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Re: ideCAD 6.01 Released. Download , try , give your opinion . I would appreciate if you inform me how L type curtain is defined.
Re: ideCAD 6.01 Released. Download it , try it , give your opinion .
"saridurmus":7nflpcl5" said:
When I analyzed and made drawings in 6.01beta, the staircase plan did not appear in the floor view, but when I took a section, it appeared in the section. This is why the contour line has occurred.
Mr. saridurmus, you probably unwittingly turned on the "object contour drawing" feature for these two stairs. You can make them visible again with the Image->Object contour drawing->cancel all contour objects command.
Re: ideCAD 6.01 Released. Download , try , comment . How to open a gap in curtain walls? I would be glad if you describe it. Happy holidays, good work.
Re: ideCAD 6.01 Released. Download , try , give feedback .
"sates":3oq3zlas" said:
How to open space on curtain walls? I would appreciate if you describe it. Happy holidays, good work.
Hello If you are in pattern plan mode, enter Architectural plan mode. Click the Door / Window command Click Settings in the toolbar, switch to the Door / Window settings dialog, select the Door / Window type on the Types Tab. From the Layout Tab, define the size and elevation information, then click OK to close the dialog. When you approach the right / left or middle area of the panel, the layout preview In this case, you can place the object by clicking the left mouse button. You will open a space in the dimensions you defined on the panel. Happy holidays, good work.
Re: ideCAD 6.01 Released. Download , try , comment . How do I enter a non-perpendicular, angled column?
Re: ideCAD 6.01 Released. Download , try , comment .
"Oznb":2l68jfdc" said:
How do I enter a non-perpendicular, angled column.. ?
Hi Click on the column command, enter Settings, in the Settings Dialog, in the General Settings Tab , Enter the offset of the lower and upper ends of the column in the Plan into the Skew property. For example, if you want to define the upper end of the column as 100 cm from the lower end, set this value to 100 cm. In the plan, define the placement point of the lower end of the column by clicking the left mouse button. After making the first click, the angle of the column in the plan, Define the column by rotating it and clicking the left mouse button again. While rotating the column, you will be able to see the cross section of the upper end of the column. Take this into account when defining the column angle. You can control the column you have drawn from the perspective window.
Greetings, when I registered as dwg to print out the project I drew in 6.01 and took the drawings in 1/1 scale. I'm having trouble opening Autocad. While the drawings are being taken in atuocad, when I try to do something on the screen, it gives a fatal error and the recover file does not open. This causes. I open and recover the recovery file, but when I want to open that file, the same processes are repeated. Also, when I run the purge command in the file I edited with Recuver, only three layets remain. How do I edit layers without losing them? Note: The company that made the job said that they would see the drawings in 1/1 scale and get the layout drawings in autocad, so I bought it in this scale. what should I do.
Hello Mr. İbrahim, Your project is under investigation. For now, you can save your project as 6.0055 and have it examined with ideCAD Wrep program or 6.0055 demo version. The demo can be downloaded from our site.
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Hello Mr. Hakan, I have to send it with autocad since the place I will send is an Italian company. I'll try with 6.0055 now.
The panel lengths between the two columns are written as the length from axis to axis, wouldn't it be more appropriate to write the clear opening lengths from the inside faces of the column?