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You can tilt your tiles with the "Bevel Objects" command from the tiling toolbar. To give slope to your flooring; - Click the Bevel objects icon from the tiling toolbar. - Select the tile you want to bevel and click the right mouse button. - Select/not select the objects around the tile from the dialog. - Draw your direction to determine the direction of the slope. - Adjust your settings in the Tilt options dialog.
Sir, in the same situation, column lengths will be constant. one of the beams is at -150 cm elevation. The other two are connected to this beam inclined from +0 to -150. (I handle the beams). But this time the back part is lifted when I give -150 jeans to that floor. Is it possible to give a level of -150 only to one side of the tile with a fixed edge?
Hello, when you select the tile you want to bevel to and click the right mouse button in the Bevel objects command, the program will show you "Objects connected to the tile. Would you like to choose it too?" will ask. If you choose no, only the flooring you selected will be sloped. The program will slope based on the first point of your reference line, which determines your slope direction. For one edge of the tile to be fixed, you must define the first point of your reference line on the edge of the tile you want to be fixed. Good work...


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hello, I want to get architectural rendering from idecad, but I came across something instructive, that is, does it include a program that can render realistically like 3dsmax lumion, does it cover this, does this idecad include I need to learn another program, I couldn't understand it. I'm a student, I would be glad if you could help me.


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Good afternoon, I want to make an arched window space on the façade and make a curtain wall in accordance with the arch form. Can you help me?