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Hello to everyone. It was very nice to open such a forum about ideCAD. First of all, I would like to thank the authorities for this. Since such a forum has been opened, is it possible to exchange documents, especially about 3D visualization, from here? Is it okay to open such a section in the forum? I have an archive converted from 3ds to ktp2 with my own efforts, which I think may be useful, albeit small. The day has made itself felt. There are some "free" 3ds content that I found on the internet, but this method takes a lot of time. I think it would be useful if we can get support from friends who have a library converted to ktp2. Is it possible to share it as ktp2? I wish everyone good work...
3D LIBRARY SHARING Hello, I moved your message under this title.
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You can use it for your Ktp 2 shares. In our version 6.2006 update, we delivered about 300 new libraries, modernized according to new architectural needs, to our users. We'll be sharing this much newer library again shortly as a free update to version 6. Apart from this, you can find the 3ds models used in the render galleries converted to ktp2 (in the kitchen rendering project) from the link below.
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By sharing with us the ktp2 format libraries and textures that you translated or modeled as an idea, you can make a good start and We are waiting for you to animate this thread. :)
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Thank you Ms. Arzu. I tried ideCAD 6 from the demo version. I have 5.11. I haven't had the opportunity to upgrade yet, but as far as I can see, I guess I'd better upgrade as soon as possible. :) Because although it has not yet fully met our expectations, ideCAD 6 has come out as a very advanced version in terms of both increasing photo realism in renders (for example, the daylight application has been a very suitable innovation) and other innovations it has brought. I hope. Users are already reporting the deficiencies they see whenever they have the opportunity. This part is a little off topic, but I hope you don't mind. Let's get to the subject... Of course, I would like to share the mini archive I have with you. However, I don't know how to upload or upload files to the forum.
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Hello again, you can give a link or add it to the forum. On the page where you wrote the message, there is the plugin installation section below. You click on that part, click browse, and select the file to upload. (It would be better if you rar or zip it.) Then you say add a file. When these operations are done, you will already see the insertion in the line. This is how the attachment is added as a link to the message. So much. You can also add the renders you have taken in the same way. Best regards
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Got it. Thank you. I categorize and upload the library I have. I hope it will be useful to forum users. As you know, in order for you to see the library elements converted to ktp2 on the plan plane of your project, you must get the top view of your object with the 'create plan' command before converting it to ktp2 in iderender. Since the models of the vehicles and some trees in my hand are very dense on the plan plane, it was not possible for me to create the plans of some objects. The program is having a hard time creating a plan and it crashes. That's why I created the plans of some objects with simple lines and circles by observing the plan boundaries as much as I can. I hope this does not pose a problem. There are garden and some outdoor elements here.
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Thank you. I hope that with the start you make, this title will be animated and become a good library sharing tool. I wish you good work...
"Arzu Dural Gök":jffpy9sd" said:
Thanks, I hope this title will be lively and a good library sharing tool with your start. I wish you a good work...[/quote ] Thank you, I hope so too, Ms. Arzu. Because I already believe that this will have a great effect on the widespread adoption and adoption of ideCAD. That's why I gave great importance to the opening of an official forum and I'm very happy about it. In my opinion, this is its advantage. While documents and information about those programs can be found in many environments, it was not easy to exchange information about ideCAD. I hope we will not have this deficiency from now on. These days, I have devoted a part of my time left from my work to enriching my 3D library. I will continue to share here from time to time as I have new library members again. I hope they archive together with the contributions of our other forum users. We can expand our reach. Good work everyone...
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING I downloaded and installed ide 6.2007 version. The library is very good, thank you for your work. Especially working indoors will be much more enjoyable and easier now. Of course, there is no limit to it, it can be better. As a company, internal we want to focus on space studies. It would be much better to give the customer a work like a catalog by making the interiors together with the exterior, instead of just preparing the exterior. thank you, when we saw this library today, we said that we are glad we bought this program and we are using it.
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Mr. erturan, our work on the library continues. 6. After the update in 2007, we started to create accessories for each venue. We will add many accessories such as carpets, mirrors, paintings, candlesticks and vases, towel holders and toilet paper holders in the bathroom and share them with you. As a practical method, I can suggest you to create a shower cabin with curtain wall in a short time. It can also be used to model curtain walls, interior dividing glass and/or solid elements, and to make store doors or windows that you cannot find exactly in our door and window library. I'm glad you like the new libraries. Thank you for your commendable message. Have a nice holiday...
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Thank you for your interest. I am very happy that you are working on the library. Thanks to you, the program completes all its deficiencies.
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING The 3D elements I added have been deleted. I am adding them again at the request of a friend. I could not upload them to the forum server because the file sizes were large. I gave it again from rapid. This time I uploaded them all at once...
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Hi, I moved your message to this thread
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Ktp 2. In our version 6.2006 update, we have delivered 300 new libraries modernized according to new architectural needs to our users. we will share the new library as a free update of version 6. Apart from that, you can find the converted 3ds models used in render galleries to ktp2 (in kitchen render project) from the link below:
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Please share with us the ktp2 format libraries and textures that you translated or modeled as an intellectual. We expect you to make a start and animate this topic. :)
Ms. Arzu, 3ds libraries that I bought from a friend of mine are very small in size when I call ide render, why?
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING In the 3ds import dialog, you can enter any of the (x, y, z) dimensions and call the other dimensions by proportioning them according to the original 3ds dimensions or by entering all three parameters separately.
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Where are the new libraries in 6.52 version? I have installed the 6.52 version, but there is no change in the library. I looked inside the bathroom and kitchen, nothing new has been added. It's the same as in the 6.2007 version. I wonder if I can't find it?
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING Link of new libraries and textures:
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Unzip the contents of the file to the program folder. (like C:\Program Files (x86)\ideCAD\ideCAD Architecture 6.5) Good work...
Re: 3D LIBRARY SHARING I think the library you added is not working. I downloaded it, but when I want to use any of them, the object does not appear in the 3d window and it gives a warning that the library is not selected.