Steel roof on reinforced concrete building


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1- I can't see the details of İdecad steel scissors under the drawing command on the scissors, only anted appears. Where else can I see it? All steel construction details are not visible even though I have attached their drawings. 2- Which carrier system should I choose in the tdy 2018 wizard while making residential roof drawings? For example, I added a steel construction roof on a reinforced concrete building. There are both steel and reinforced concrete in the drawing. The main carrier is reinforced concrete, but do I need to solve the roof with steel? 3- I finished Idecad reinforced concrete drawing. I finished the roof drawing at idecad steel. How can I add a steel drawing on a reinforced concrete drawing? If you ask why you need such a thing, although my computer has an i7 processor, there were contractions. That's why there were shutdowns in idecad.
Re: STEEL ROOF TO REINFORCED CONCRETE BUILDING Hello; 1- There are no axles in your project. Axes are required for vertical images for drawings. When you add an axle, your drawings are created in detail. 2- Our recommendation is to make the choice of carrier system and R for the steel roof, analyze it, and complete the design. Then save the project for reinforced concrete floors, choose R suitable for reinforced concrete and analyze it, do not touch the steel elements, complete the design of the reinforced concrete. Take the steel and reinforced concrete reports from these two different projects and combine them. 3- If you mean to combine the models by adding the drawing, I think your computer will not change and you will not be able to combine it, but you can copy the steel from the file with the copy command and then paste it from the file in the reinforced concrete project. While doing this, save the projects somewhere else for backup. Do not experience data loss from your computer.
Re: STEEL ROOF TO REINFORCED CONCRETE BUILDING Is it possible to model and calculate steel vaulted roof on a reinforced concrete building? I wish you good work
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Is it possible to model and calculate steel vaulted roof on a reinforced concrete building? Good work
Hello; Of course it is possible. After defining the steel beam In the steel beam properties window, the definition of the vault can be made from the "Curvature" tab. However, the point to be noted is the radius of curvature to be entered in this section. This value is the radius of the curvature defined as the vault, not the distance from the base of the vault to the top. Best regards...