steel fire escape


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Hello there; I'm solving a steel fire escape. I want to use 2 UNP200 profiles side by side. I'm merging these two columns with the source. However, I cannot add a single plate to this column for the foundation -column foot. When I choose a fake column, the profile dimensions are insufficient. What should I do about this? Should I choose my box profile like 200*150 instead of 2 UNP200? I'm also getting the floor offset issue in the y direction. At the same time, it does not give the source combinations properly. What is the reason of this? I am sharing the project and pictures in the attachment. Thanks in advance.
Re: STEEL FIRE LADDER 2 COLUMNS JOINT AND FLOOR DEFER Hello; Enter a box profile that will give 2*upn area directly, separate model is required for separate analysis for drawing in artificial sections. Instead, you can complete the project very cleanly with a box profile. * When entering the welded joint, select one beam, then select the other beam, right click 2 times and finish. In this way, a combination suitable for your geometry is formed. If you select one and right click, the program counts the second element as an auxiliary element and automatically trims it according to the first element. Column feet cannot be entered into artificial columns. In the box profile, this problem is solved. Perform the analysis after the box profile entry and then increase the cross section of the box profiles so that the wall thickness increases if there is a relative translation problem.