I want to cross but it doesn't

Re: Crossover issue Hello; 1- Do not enter the steel beams from the right and left corners. It should work from the middle top. The same is true for the trusses, if you have placed them on the left and right of the column, how will the joins be formed logically in this way? These need to be fixed. The beams were straightened and when straightened, the crosses formed properly. 2- Column cross-section cannot be IPN 300 for this project. Organized as HEB. Considering the span and loads you have passed through, it is seen that the columns will be seriously exposed to both axial and bending effects, in this case the IPn section will not be economical. 3- You need to enter the stability beams connecting the subheadings of the trusses, in this case, the construction period is high and it does not provide stability in the structure. For details, the video in the link will help. Using a pipe profile, enter the beams passing through the sub-headings from the middle joint of the trusses, and connect these beams to the truss sub-heads with a cross-end joint.
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4- Scissors sections are low, use 2*L100*10 for lower and upper head. If the ratio is more than enough, switch to a lower cross-section in double L-made cross-sections.