steel curvilinear beam


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Hello. I am using idecad static 10 demo version. I had a question about an error I encountered while designing. While drawing a curved beam, no matter what I enter the radius of curvature, the diameter of the curvature looks the same on the figure.
I don't think there is a problem with the version. You are most likely entering incorrect data. If you post an image of what you're trying to do and what values you've entered, we'll be able to direct you to data entry properly.
Hello there; Depending on the span of the beam there is a diameter that can be formed geometrically. If you always enter a diameter that is too high or too low, the image does not change in the program. For example, you can experiment by entering a diameter of 1 m for a 6 m opening. To see if the program is running. Depending on the span of the beam, you need to input the curvature diameter.