I have questions in the attached project


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Dear, I would appreciate if you could answer my questions in the project that I have sent in the attached attachment; When I create a connection element between the 1st reinforced concrete column and the steel column, I have a relative floor drift problem. 2. I get an error in horizontal edge distance in cross-end joints and it does not improve. 3. What do you think the choice of R coefficient should be? Bolt number error occurs in the 4th butt plate beam joint. 5. I am getting an error even though there is no conflict in the conflict checks.
Re: About Steel Design Hello; 1- The column foot you entered is an articulated column foot. All of them have been deleted, an example has been created for you, use it in other column-column connections. 2- In order to get a report on the butt plate beam attachment, turn off the stiffeners from the joint properties and arrange the middle area as 2 instead of 5. 3- Y direction should be C16. 4- The number of bolts is 12 in cross joints. Fix it as 2.