How to model and render human, tree, plant, vehicle?


insanlar ornek.png

it will be much more practical to use the 2d textures of these objects instead of the real models, in order to render by placing a large number of 3d dense objects such as people, trees, plants, vehicles. for this, the picture and the black and white opaque picture of that picture are used. for this purpose, zero-thickness type libraries have been created under the title of silhouettes within the new libraries of idecad architecture 6. let's examine step by step how to create an opaque person using them:

1-a new material is created by selecting texture1 real image and textures whose opacity texture is black and white of the same image in material settings.

2-then, go to the library command and select, for example, running man from the silhouettes, and the material is replaced with the newly created bicycle man material.
in the library settings, the width and heights are resized as desired and the library is placed in the drawing.

in plan and perspective it will appear as follows.

when rendering:

human textures that
you can use: sample project file where images are used if you want to examine them:

note: black, white or another color silhouette effect can be obtained depending on the color and characteristics of the textures used.
in the material settings / effects tab, the inclusion of these materials in the light calculation / shadow casting and shadow casting can be optionally turned on or off.