floor drift problem

Hello there; 1- Remove the lovers from the analysis. 2- Use horizontal cross on the roof both to hold the truss head and to provide stability. These crosses must be defined in the same openings as the vertical crosses. 3- Your choice of R is wrong, you have a structure consisting of C16 in one direction and C13 in the other. 4- If there will be no architectural problems in the sections where the curtains are located, enter a wind column and connect it to the truss with a wind combination. The headers of these columns should now be rotated 90 degrees from the existing column headers. 5- If necessary, increase the column sections.
The building consists of curtains up to 8.60 meters elevation and a steel carrier system between 8.60-17.60 meters. Would it be appropriate if I define 0-8.60 meters as ground floor, 8.60-17.60 as 1st floor? (No flooring at 8.60 level) best regards
Hello there; Floor entrance drawings are necessary for you to get easy because there is not only flooring. There is no obligation to enter if you wish. However, as you mentioned, entering 8.60 makes your work easier in steel drawings.