Combination error help.


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There are several options for solving this problem... 1. Enlarge the size of the column where you get a union error in the direction you get an error. 2.Increase the width of the beams attached to the column in the direction that caused the joint error. 3. Connect the beams from the middle of the column or farther from the edge, not from the edge of the column, without increasing the width of the beams. 4. In order to reduce the effects of beams that cause joint failure, reduce the stiffness of the element by lowering the beam height. This will result in less reinforcement on your beams. These are general solutions to fix the union error. The project can be produced specifically in other solutions. Hopefully it benefits your business. Good luck with...


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I attached the K26 beam to the slightly higher part of the s17 column and the problem went away. However, the beams became discontinuous and in practice I am sure this will not be done. Thanks for your help..